Dastjar is a Start-up company with an innovative and flexible solution for restaurants. Our services help restaurants to increase their customer satisfaction and loyalty, by simplifying the work flow and process for ordering, secure payment, minimizing the need for personell to take order via phone, etc. With another words, our services will save time and money for the restaurants that have the ambition to sell more.

Our benefits for your business!

Save time & Resources!

Our Restaurant service platform will free up your time and your resources to do the right things, i.e. produce more rather than taking order by phone or work as cashier.

Higher efficiency!

We shorten the ordering flow by moving away the ordering and payment. This will create more producation capacity and efficient use of your staff and other resources.

Simplicity & Secure payment!

We simplify the ordering and delivery process not only for your restaurant but for your customers! Besides the ordering system for restaurants, we have also created an free app for consumers (Anar Find&Eat) to order and pay easily on mobile or any other device with 3D Secure in accordance with the latest Europian’s payment security requirements.

Lower Cost & Higher Revenue

The cost for running your business will be lower, by focusing on the cooking and no more wasting time on taking order and get paid with an extra personnel. You and your customers will avoid queues and stress.

You need only to receive orders and send a confirmation to your customers. By doing so, your customer knows that you have received the orders and then will receive another message when it is ready for pickup or delivery.